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Varanja Interagro
DOB: 18/Aug/2001
Height: 1.62m / 15.3 ¾h

Girofle APP
Dam: Naranja do Mirante

Interagro only exceptionally sells brood-mares. Varanja was included in the 2006 Collection with the sole purpose of giving foreign breeders an opportunity to acquire a rare, superior genetic improver for their breeding programs and, therefore, an exceptional mare had to be chosen. Varanja Interagro brings the exceptional, highly demanded blood of some of the most successful mares and stallions of the Lusitano breed, such as – coming from the top down of her pedigree – the Quina (CI) lineage introduced by her paternal grand-father Visqueiro (CI) – see Strallion Gallery; the traditional and respected bullfighting strain selected by the Palha and Telles Ribeiro Studs, present in her paternal grand-mother Torrinha (APP); and the Firme (SA) legacy – see the Stallion Gallery - implanted by her mother, Naranja Interagro, whose father and grand-father, Zico (MMV), is two times over his grand-son, thus making Firme (SA)’s name appear for three times on Varanja’s exceptional pedigree. More genetic power is very difficult if not impossible to find. Varanja’s mother, Naranja Interagro is a top-producer brood mare, one of the best females in the Interagro Selected Brood-Mare Group. Naranja has, so far, an offspring of nine, five males: Ramadan Interagro [with Emir II (MV)]; Santeiro [Farao (JHC)]; Urupe [Grofle (APP)]; Zampano [Nicola (MAC)], Apache [Nordeste (SS)] and, four females: Talita Interagro [with Emir II (MV)]; Xistosa [Girofle (APP)]; Black Widow (Trinco Interagro) and Varanja herself. Varanja Interagro had her first offspring last year: Black Power Interagro [ a filly with Nordeste (SS)].

She is pregnant by Nordeste (SS) – a grand-son of Firme (SA) thus increasing the consanguinity on this fabulous stallion – due give birth on middle October, 2006.

Photo by Johnny

Varanja Interagro Girofle (APP) Visqueiro (CI) Quieto (CI)
Nieta (CI)
Torrinha (APP) Armilita
Naranja do Mirante Zico (MMV) Nilo (MV)
Marrafa (MMV)
Espanhola (BF) Zico (MMV)
Saltadora (EA)