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Vistor Interagro
DOB: 30/Nov/2001
Height: 1.59m / 15.2 ľh

Richebourg Interagro
Dam: Carina (OGC)

About Richebourg Interagro, see the Stallion Gallery at the Interagro´s Website.

The dam Carina (OGC), by Vidago (SA) and Xepa (OGC) is from Coudelaria Cadaval in Portugal. Vidago (SA) was a famous stallion which left a very known progeny of very competitive horses. Vidago (SA) is the sire of Cyclope (SA) the dam of Quinio and Richebourg Interagro. Therefore, Vistor Interagro exhibits a very desirable in-breeding on this athletic ancestor. Carina (OGC) left at Interagro, an offspring of two: Theodora {with O-Soberano (RC)] and Vistor Interagro.

Trainer’s opinion: This horse is exciting! He has got what so many riders need. Size, beauty, trainability, gaits and amazing maturity for his age. When you see Vistor in person you will be stunned at how beautiful he is; his conformation, his face and red blood bay color is breathtaking. Great news… he has also got a super sweet temperament. Vistor Interagro is very easy to deal with and like his friend Vândalo Interagro is hard to remember that they are still so young. Vistor is very comfortable to ride at any gait. He is very easy to sit. He is light in the hand and off the leg. He is very easy to maintain in balance and on the bit. He loves to work and is extremely calm for a young stallion. If he gets nervous he truly tries to contain himself. He is great out on the hack and is easy to work around other horses. This horse has a great start and is already able to show at first level. He is well started in his counter canter and lateral work. Vistor Interagro is a wonderful choice for most any rider!

Photo by Johnny

Vistor Interagro Richebourg Interagro Hippus (FV)

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