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Xairel Interagro
DOB: 19/Aug/02
Height: 1.61m / 15.3Ľh

Sire: Yacht (SA)

Estúpida (SA)

This is a very special horse and a rarity; Xairel is the last son of the fabulous Yacht (SA) dynasty. Yacht (SA) died last year after an unmatched existence amongst all sons of Martini (SA), the most important Andrade Stallion. Xairel Interagro is probably the last change for a breeder interested in his superior genetic heritage. His dam, Estúpida (SA) is by Faneca (SA), a son of Zamorim (SA), the other member of the triad of Martini’s sons which made of the Andrade breed one of the basic lines of the Lusitano breed and Dengosa (SA), a daughter of Yacht (SA). In other words, Xairel Interagro is son and grand-son of the fabulous Yacht (SA), a consanguinity that greatly increases his breeding prospects. Estúpida (SA) had an outstanding offspring of eleven; eight mares: Mariquita Interagro [with Vidago (SA)], Opositora, Quadriga, Segura,Vencedora with Yacht (SA), Zorita, with Distinto (MAC) Uxoria, with Legendário do Mirante and Adeleira Interagro, with Noblissimo Interagro and, three stallions:Ravel (with Legendário do Mirante) and, Tabriz and Xairel Interagro with Yacht (SA)].

Trainer’s opinion: This handsome, kind horse will truly impress you when you see him in person. He has made such great improvement every week of the training that goes by, you may not recognize him by July. Xairel Interagro with big ground covering strides and lovely height gives you a great feeling when you ride him. He feels like he sails easily across the ground. His nature is very sweet and he wants to be your friend. You feel as he is always trying to guess what you are asking for. He looks strong, but his rider must remember he is only three years old. He is still growing into himself. He has become much steadier in the bit then in the DVD. He has responded very quickly to the exercises and is making great progress on being more even. He is such a willing horse that it is only a matter of giving him the right information and allowing him to respond. He presents a lovely leggy picture when you see him work. Like most of his father’s offspring he has that super temperament that makes him a joy to be around! He is a patient big horse that has a very wide market of appeal.

Photo by Johnny

Xairel Interagro Yacht (SA) Martini (SA) Príncipe VIII (FCN)
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Estúpida (SA) Faneca (SA) Zamorim (SA)
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