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Xaleco Interagro
DOB: 29/Dec/2002
Height: 1.57 / 15.1¾ h

Nicola (MAC)
Dam: Jaleca SAG

About Nicola (MAC), see the Stallion Gallery at the Interagro´s Website.

Jaleca (SAG), is a daughter of the renowned stallion Maravilha (MV) – by Boca-Negra (BN) and Toleirona (MV) – head of a large offspring of superior quality. Boca-Negra (BN) was bred by the most famous of all Portuguese bullfighters, João Núncio, out of his favorite bullfighting horse Sultão I (MV). Toleirona (MV) is one of the most important mares in the Lusitano breed; she is the dam of Guerrita (MV), the mother of Novilheiro (MV) and Opus (MV). Jaleca (SAG) left an offspring of four, Tintoretto [Ofensor (MV)]; Vergalhão [Girofle(APP)]; Xaleco [Nicola(MAC)] and her last daughter, Zaleca Interagro – a full sister of Xaleco, which will become part of the highly selected Interagro Brood-Mare Group.

Trainer’s opinion: Xaleco Interagro is a light elastic type of horse who moves across the ground easily and gracefully. His compact and supple body makes it easy for him to move laterally. He needs a quiet rider who will give him confidence. Xaleco Interagro is a gentle, kind soul. He would not do well with a high strung nervous rider. He truly is a reflection his rider. If he is confident and relaxed the rest is easy. He needs to be ridden in front of the leg to a forward hand. This will develop his connection and a beautiful reaching stride with an open neck. When he is ridden this way he develops a lovely outline and frame. If his rider is stiff or backward in the hand he will quickly become too short in the neck. Xaleco is eager to learn. You can quickly see he tries to please his rider and understand what is being asked of him. Light in the contact, he likes to go forward. He is very good on the hack and works several times a week on light hills to improve his overall strength. At the moment, his canter is his strongest gait; he has a clear rhythm which gives the rider a good feeling of suspension and balance. Xaleco is well balanced in all gaits and very light in his foot falls. He has a lot of reach and will be able to cover a lot of ground as long as he learns to develop the correct connection. He is athletic, clever and willing. He does not need a professional rider as long as his rider is quiet, confident and patient. In the right program this horse will improve every day!

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Xaleco Interagro Nicola (MAC) Hábil (MV) Dardo II (MV)
Canela (MV)
Heroína (MAC) Distinto (MAC)
Castiça (MAC)

Jaleca SAG
Maravilha (MV) Boca-Negra (BN)
Toleirona (MV)
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