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Ximango Interagro
DOB: 8/Aug/2002
Height: 1.58m / 15.2 h

Nicola MAC
Dam: Soberba Interagro

About Nicola (MAC), see the Stallion Gallery at the Interagro´s Website.

The dam Soberba Interagro is by Legendário do Mirante and Jutlândia (SA). The latter, by Urco (SA) and Warendorf (SA), both from the Andrade breeding, is one of the most important of Interagro’s brood-mares, who, so far, has produced an offspring of ten, including the great International Champion, Quinárius Interagro [by Xique Xique (CI)]. Besides Soberba, the selected group of Interagro’s brood-mares include the following offspring of Jutlândia (SA): Pecúnia Interagro [by Yacht (SA)], and, two younger fillies, Zinha Interagro [by Rocinante Interagro] and Aglaia Interagro [by Quinio Interagro]. Ximango Interagro’s offspring: Soberba Interagro; Zeta Interagro (by Rocinante Interagro) and Bravateira Interagro (by Quinio Interagro).

Trainer’s opinion: This beautiful horse could steal your heart away; riding him is as good as looking at him. He has an amazing beauty, his face and eye are hard to turn away from. His color is like gold, dressed with back. He always looks like he is ready for a back tie event. Riding him you find he is light, smart and comfortable. He is not as confident yet as his ½ brother Vândalo Interagro and will need at this time a more experienced rider. I am confident with the right program he will become easier and be able to carry a rider with less experience soon. He worries sometimes in his canter work and can become strong. He is not difficult for an experienced rider to regain his confidence but could be difficult for a rider with less balance and techniques. He just needs a good program and a bit more maturity. Overall he is easy to ride. Don’t be fooled by how he measures, just like his ½ brother Vândalo Interagro he is big in person. Ximango Interagro and Vândalo with their uphill frames, big necks and large muscular bodies, both can carry big or small riders. Don’t forget the whole Interagro collection is all still growing. Ximango is very balanced and very comfortable to sit on. He loves to go out on the hack. He is very sensitive and forward thinking. Ximango will need a rider that is quiet and does not cause him to loose his confidence with over corrections. He really wants to do things right and always gives his rider the feeling he wants to please. As most young horses he can become distracted watching what is going around, but settles back on track quite easily. You will never be forgotten riding this beautiful Lusitano. He needs to be in a training program so he can grow up a bit more before he will be ready for a less experienced rider.


Photo by Johnny

Ximango Interagro Nicola (MAC) Hábil (MV) Dardo II (MV)
Canela (MV)
Heroína (MAC) Distinto (MAC)
Castiça (MAC)
Soberba Interagro Legendário do Mirante Novilheiro (MV)
Ulisséia (SA)
Jutlândia (SA) Urco (SA)
Warendorf (SA)