Broquel (CN)
As the story goes, Broquel (CN) was reserved to be sent as a present from the Portuguese government to the king of Morocco but, before this happened, Toni Pereira arrived in Portugal to buy his first Lusitanos and, with his irresistible charm convinced the Portuguese authorities to sell him the horse. Broquel (CN) was at that time already a very famous stallion; he had served at Coudelaria Nacional (CN) and at many Portuguese breeders, among whom the prestigious Andrade (SA) stud. Broquel (CN)ís lineage comes directly from the Spanish lines that formed the Andrade lineage as well as some of the most important bloodlines at CN. In Brazil, Broquel (CN) left many Great Champions, such as Apolo do Mirante, Great Brazilian Champion and the first stallion bred by Interagro, Estilo do Top, Ariel do Mirante, and many other heads of winning progenies. The contribution given by Broquel (CN) to the improvement of the Lusitano breed in Portugal and Brazil was incomparable. The 2005 Lusitano Collection is offering a son of KublayKhan do Top, a grandson of Babel (OC) and great-grandson of Broquel (CN).