Rocas do Vouga Taberneiro do Vouga

DOB: 01/aug/1999
Height: 1.68 / 16.2 h

Nero (CF)
Dam: Notória do Mirante

Exceptionally tall young stallion, approved for reproduction, Taberneiro do Vouga has been competing with success in jumping up to 1.20 m obstacles and also shows good quali-ties for dressage. About his father, Nero (CF), see text in the Stallion Gallery. His mother, Notória do Mirante, received 74 points at revision and won several titles in Brazilian National Shows, including that of Reserve Champion 5 year Class and Gold Medal. Notória do Mirante’s father, Estupendo (RC), by Venturoso III (MV) and Pejosa (RC) was Reserved International Grand Champion in Brazil. Her mother, Xícara (RT) from the Telles Ribeiro bullfighting-horse breeding stud is a daughter of Maravilha (MV) the famous Veiga stallion who sired several important horses like Afiançado de Flandes’ father Ufano II (MV) –see Stallion Gallery. Notória do Mirante so far, has begotten an offspring of seven superior Lusitanos: Pachola Interagro (Idiota BF); Quartel do Vouga (Tuim CN); Xavanta do Vouga and Zaza do Vouga, both with Quartzo (RC); Ulysses do Vouga (Maracanã do Top); Vida do Vouga (Marfim do Top) and Taberneiro do Vouga.

Has obtained excellent classification in contests of 1,20m such as vice-championship of Federação Paulista de Hipismo (master cat.) in 2004 and 2005 seasons. Started his participation in 1,30m YOUNG HORSES competitions he has equally well classified.(may/05).

Trainer's opinion: Rocas do Vouga always been given big importance for the correct basic work of the young horses. Taberneiro has been schooled both for Dressage and Jumping but so far only been shown very successful in Jumping and not competed in dressage. Trainer recomend him for both disciplines.

Rider: Ananias Torres – (Ananias)
This very sweet easy to ride horse has truly a family horse. He was on the DVD demonstrating his gentle character. He has wonderful versatile sport ability – This tall horse is currently showing in jumping (3’3 foot division/1.10 to 1.20) and Dressage He is a very safe jumper. This horse would be appropriate for a junior or amateur who may enjoy participating in Combined Training.

Taberneiro do Vouga Nero (CF) Neptuno Firme
Fada Dragão II
Notória do Mirante Estupendo Venturoso III
Xícara Maravilha