Interagro Triunfante Interagro

Sire: Legendário do Mirante
Dam: Nevada (MAC)
DOB: 24/aug/99
Colour: Grey
Height: 1,60m 15.3 3/4 h

About his father Novilheiro (MV) please read text in the Stallion Gallery. Beautiful, young stallion with a first class pedigree carrying the Fi rme/ Novilheiro heritage from both sides of his pedigree. The mother Nevada (MAC) is a Coimbra mare who received 80 points at revision. Beside Triunfante, Nevada has three other offspring; her older daughter, Scarlett, is one of the best mares in Interagro’s herd. Triunfante Interagro has a tall stature and abundant manes which will give him a very impressive appearance when fully developed. Triunfante Interagro is a very interesting proposition as a competitive saddle-horse as we l las a top-class stallion for any Lusitano breeder. With his fifth annivers a ry coming soon, h eis the older recommended stallion in the group.

Photo: Interagro File

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