Interagro Ultimato Interagro

DOB: 27/aug/2000
Height: 1.60 / 15.3
Sire: Visqueiro (CI)
Dam: Cigana III

Unique opportunity of acquiring a son of Cigana (MLC), the most important mare in the development of the Interagro lineage. Cigana (MLC) is a daughter of the famous Maravilha (MV), a son of Toleirona (MV) another very famous mare that begat Guerrita (MV) the mother of Novilheiro (MV). Her blood is being constantly re-introduced into our breeding through her extraordinary offspring. Cigana (MLC) so far is the mother of four official Interagro stallions: Noblíssimo Interagro, Obtuso Interagro, Profano Interagro and, Rocinante Interagro, all four extensively used in our breeding program. Ultimato Interagro combines both the qualities of an excellent stallion and the ability for equestrian sports.

Trainer’s opinion: This forward thinking horse is a super tryer with a great temperament! His elastic shoulder will be a major plus in his extended gaits and later in passage. He really wants to please his rider.

Trainer: Dione Miranda – (Jony)

Ultimato is a very nice type horse for someone who is looking for a warmblood look. He looks bigger than he is due to his muscle and bone. This horse really tries with a great temperament! He has a correct active walk and a good shoulder. His elastic shoulder will be a major plus in his extended gaits and later in passage. This horse is quite fit and strong. He is ready to go into a steady training program. Ultimato has a very good start on his basics. He is a forward thinking horse and stays light to his riders’ aids. He is easy to groom and on the hack. This stallion’s mother Cigana, is one of the most important brood mares of the Interagro’s breeding program.

Challenges: Because he ‘tries too hard’ at times can get a bit quick in his tempo and short in his neck. He can look a bit tight when he is not encouraged to stretch to the bit. This horse can really look amazingly different when he is properly connected.

Suitability: This is a big impressive looking horse! To someone who is looking for a classic ‘Lustano look’ this will not be their choice. But this horses handsom big boned look and great nature will appeal to many. Even though he measures 15’3, he can fit a taller rider.

Note:Ultimato does not take great strength to ride. He is a good feeling horse but will be a good horse for a lot of levels of riders. Like any young fit horse, he will be more successful in a consistent correct training program.

Ultimato Interagro Visqueiro (CI) Quieto (CI) Estribilho
Nieta (CI) Estribilho
Cigana III (MLC) Maravilha (MV) Boca-Negra
Odalisca Guizo