Interagro Ultrajado Interagro

DOB: 22/aug/2000
Height: 1.65 / 16.1 h
Sire: Noblíssimo Interagro
Dam: Mucuna Interagro

A five-year-old stallion of the generation “U” with an outstanding pedigree and exceptional physical qualities. Ultrajado’s mother, Mucuna Interagro is one of our top-producers; she is the mother of Sargon Interagro, Ultrajado's full brother export-ed to the U.S., of Tomista Interagro one of the top-driving hors-es bred by Interagro, of Vilna Interagro (with Quínio Interagro) this year included in the young brood-mares group and, of two younger horses, Xorro Interagro (by Ofensor MV) and Zamorim Interagro (by Quinárius Interagro). Mucuna Interagro is by Bronze (BF) and Capicua (MLC), the latter being also the mother of Montezuma do Mirante (with Xique Xique CI), an extraordinary competitive dressage horse who won several prizes in Brazil and in the U.S, before being exported to Australia and also the mother of Nirvana Interagro (by Gatão - JHC), at the present date the Brazilian Dressage Champion and Reserve South American Champion ridden by Pia Aragão. In other words, a family of exceptional competitive horses, a guarantee, as far as the pedigree and the superior morpho-logic characteristics of this young horse can indicate, of an outstanding champion and a great stallion.

Trainer’s opinion: Good temperament, great attitude, forward thinking horse eager to learn. This horse has a large stride and covers the ground very easily. He does not find it difficult to bend and stays fairly light to his rider’s aids. He has a big steady even tempo in trot and a powerful canter. His walk has good overstride and correct rhythm. He is a forward thinking horse. This horse would be able to make a trainer or an amateur happy. He is the kind of happy horse who tries hard for his rider.

Trainer: Edmar Martins de Brito – (Edmar)

Ultrajado has a great attitude for a future competitive horse. He is forward thinking and eager to learn. This horse has a large stride and covers the ground very easily. He demonstrates true talent to develop a beautiful extended trot and extended canter. When ridden correctly he does not find it difficult to bend and stay light to his rider’s aids. Ultrajado has a big trot and powerful canter. He is easy to keep in a consistent tempo.
His walk has good overstride and correct rhythm when he is relaxed. We feel he is still growing and will only get easier to balance in the next couple of years.
Ultrajado’s full brother Sargon Interagro is currently showing very successfully in the USA, winning 2nd Level open classes in the 2005 Florida circuit, he is currently showing in Chicago and Minnesota scoring in the 70%’s. Ultrajado loves to be praised and enjoys his rider. This horse has a sweet character.

Challenges: Because of his size and stride length, at times he can become out of balance, more often in his powerful canter than any other gait. He is still growing and at the moment feels a bit high behind especially in the canter because of his powerful hocks. He is learning how to develop a correct contact to the bit. He must be reminded with half halts to stay balanced towards his hind legs. When ridden in the correct balance he is impressive. When the balance is wrong he will shift onto his fore hand and his shoulders. He will appear to lose freedom and his canter will lose some quality. If he is tense the walk will become rushed and the steps will lose their swing.

Suitability: Ultrajado is a kind happy horse who tries hard for his rider. He feels bigger than 16´1 and is fun to ride. He enjoys going forward and seems very focused in learning what the rider has to say. He would be suitable for an experienced amateur but would benefit from a trainers help in developing his canter properly.

Note: This horse is very pleasant to handle in the barn. He is very sweet in his stall. But on the outside hack he can be a baby and needs more experience to learn to relax.

Ultrajado Interagro Noblíssimo Interagro Xique-Xique (CI) Quieto (CI)
Nieta (CI)
Cigana III (MLC) Maravilha (MV)
Odalisca (MMV)
Mucuna Interagro Bronze (BF) Vinagre Ajuda
Joeira (BF)
Capicua (MLC) Uije (CN)
Incerta (EA)