Rocas do Vouga Uno do Vouga

DOB: 24/aug/2000
Height: 1.64 / 16.0 ½h

Dragão (SA)
Madona do Top

Very impressive, tall (over 16 hands) chestnut stallion, approved for reproduction. Perfectly trained under saddle he has great potential for dressage. Excellent pedigree. About the father Dragão II (SA) - see text in the Stallion Gallery. Complete information about the mother Madona do Top a granddaughter of Broquel (CN) can be found on page 53 in the text for Vinho do Vouga. An excellent horse for riding and reproduction.

Trainer's opinion:
Rider: Rodrigo Evangelista – ( Rodrigo)

This beautiful big horse has the presence of a future star. At his first dressage show the prestieges Amil Cup, he got a score of 71% at elementary level. This athletic horse shows the capacity with the right training program to make his new owner very proud.

Dressage Results

XXIV Exposição Internacional Cavalo Lusitano
São Paulo  - Brazil - 20  May 2005

1st. test of this horse, his debut 5th. Place - 32 entries
Judge in C 65.417 %
Judge in H 67.083 %
Judge in M 62.917 %
Total 65.139 %

São Paulo  - Brazil - 03 to 05 June 2005

2nd test of this horse 8th place - 13 entries
04/06 - Judge in C 65.833 %
04/06 - Judge in H 71.250 %
Total 68.542 %
2nd test of this horse 3rd place - 13 entries
05/06 - Judge in C 70.769 %
05/06 - Judge in H 69.615 %
Total 70.192 %
Final Score 68.452  %
8th. Place - 13 entries
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Jararaca Principe VIII
Madona do Top Ilustre do Top Broquel
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Borboleta Vingador