Interagro Valete Interagro DOB: 03/nov/2001
Height: 1.61 / 15.3 ¾h
Sire: Nicola (MAC)
Dam: Nora Interagro

Terrific young Isabel stallion of splendorous presence. In the fields, he was the ‘leader of the pack’ of his generation group. Besides his exotic color, these unique attributes will only be enhanced with age as he grows taller and stronger. Rarely will one see an Isabel with his size, bones and gaits. His father’s retrospect as one of the most important Lusitano stallions in Brazil can be seen in the Stallion Gallery. His mother Nora Interagro, by the mythological Xique Xique (CI) – see Stallion Gallery – and grandmother Kipper (SA) a fantastic mare by Zamorim (SA), are two of Interagro’s top producers. Kipper (SA)’s offspring (twelve so far) contains names like Nora Interagro, Paradiso Interagro, Quitéria Interagro, Upiki Interagro, Virgo Interagro, Xixa Interagro, Alter Interagro and Radagast Interagro, the latter exported to the U.S. Nora’s descendants, a still smaller but not less impressive list, includes Uluti Interagro, another beautiful Isabel stallion sold to Australia at the 2004 Interagro Collection and two young ones: Xarik, a buckskin colt sold to US and Zora, an Isabel filly, both beauti-ful like Valete.

Trainers’ opinion: This is clearly an “Alpha horse” and later I suspect he will become an Alpha Stallion. His intelligence can also be his biggest challenge. I feel that it is very important to handle a horse like this without any sign of temper. His rider must be strong clear but not emotional or Valete will learn how to fight. He actually enjoys to work when he believes he will be doing it and gets much easier when he is convinced that ‘forward’ is a good thing. As a professional I like this horse.

Rider: Reinaldo Cortivato – (Reinaldo)

Rarely will you see an Isabel with such bone size and gaits. This is a very special horse! He has qualities in his character that with the right training will make him a star or with the wrong match a nightmare! He has three good gaits and a very lovely cadence. He is bold and assertive. His presence is impressive and will always turn heads. He can show a very lovely outline and contact to the bit. Valete seems way older and wiser then he should be at 3yrs. His intelligence makes it easy to teach him new things.

Challenges: His intelligence can also be his biggest challenge when he chooses to use it against his rider. He is clearly an ‘Alpha horse.’ He has to be motivated to believe in his rider. His rider must be strong and have very clear boundaries but not be looking for a fight. His rider must be strong clear but not emotional or Valete will learn how to fight. He enjoys the work when he believes he will be doing it!

Suitability: This horse at this time is recommended for a professional rider.

Note: Valete had a fear about his ears. Through patient work he is now good with the bridle being put on and will let you touch his ears. We would recommend that you are careful about clipping his ears or other activities that might create a setback.

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