Rocas do Vouga Vinha do Vouga

DOB: 05/oct/2001
Height: 1.56

Dam: Qualidade

This very athletic young mare of beautiful palomino color and striking presence, is from the purest CN lineage, what may explain her admirable functional qualities. The father Ribatejo LQ and the mother Qualidade LQ are half-brother and sister, both by Mistral do Top, a son of Afiançado de Flandes – see Stallion Gallery. About the mother, Qualidade LQ, see previous text on Xarola do Vouga. A great opportunity for both breeding and sporting activities.

Trainer's opinion:
Rider: Luiza Almeida – 13 yrs old daughter – (Luiza)

This is a very calm, sweet mare with an eye catching color. She is currently being ridden with a junior rider. She is an ideal pleasure horse to enjoy.

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