Interagro Vocabulário Interagro

DOB: 28/nov/2001
Height: 1.64 / 16.0 ½ h
Sire: Legendário do Mirante
Dam: Fidalga (FR)

This young horse is the result of an in-breeding of the Firme(SA)/Nilo (MV)/Novilheiro (MV) lineage of Vocabulário’s father Legendário do Mirante with the Novilheiro (MV)’s mother line. In other words, Vocabulário’s mother, Fidalga (CF), is a granddaughter of Guerrita (MV), Novilheiro’s mother. The idea here, as in all other crossings of this lineage practiced at Interagro is the preservation and enhancement of the athletic qualities of these famous horses and we are proud to say that our results have been more than rewarding. Vocabulário Interagro is one living example of this fact. Fidalga (CF)’s offspring at Interagro also includes: Ubu Interagro, with Girofle (APP); Xagatai Interagro with Profano Interagro and Zambia Interagro with Nicola (MAC).

Trainers’ opinion: This elegant refined horse is a joy to ride; he is pretty and loves to work in a consistent tempo. He loves his work and likes to be steady in the contact. This easy, very uncomplicated horse to ride looks like a lady’s horse. He has a good canter with a lovely rhythm and a quality walk.

Rider: Rodrigo Diego Rodrigues (Rodrigo)

Vocabulario is elegant and a joy to ride. He is easy to ride to a steady contact. He loves his work and is very trainable. Once he settles into his work his is like a clock, very steady and consistent with his tempo. He will be a competitor that will gain many points on his steady character. He has a good canter with a lovely rhythm and a quality walk. He is uncomplicated to ride!

Challenges: Like his friend Verdugo he has few ‘Challeges.’ Vocabulario is a sensitive horse and if he becomes tense he will loose the qualities of his gaits. He is pretty easy to get back focused on his work and will settle quite easily.

Suitability: This sweet horse will be a great horse for a rider who want a kind sensitive horse that really wants to please. He will be a fun uncomplicated friendly horse for an amateur rider or a young rider.

Note: Vocabulario is sensitive and is not thrilled about being brushed.

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