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Xamir Interagro
DOB: 13/Sept/2002
1.63m / 16¼h
Nicola (MAC)
Dam: Ninfeta Interagro

About Nicola (MAC), see the Stallion Gallery at the Interagro´s Website.

The dam Ninfeta Interagro by Xique Xique (CI) with Kiwi Interagro, is a Brazilian Great Champion, Gold Medal. Kiwi Interagro, (by Apolo do Mirante) is also a Great Champion, Gold Medal. Ninfeta Interagro is one of Interagro’s most important brood-mares, with an offspring of eight, of which, two: Secretário Interagro [by Faraó (JHC)] and Voluntário Interagro [by Legendário do Mirante], were exported to the U.S. the latter sold at the 2005 Lusitano Collection. Three young daughters of Ninfeta Interagro, Zinfeta [by Rocinante Interagro], Adega [by Perdigueiro (MAC)] and Berta [by Quixote Interagro] will become part of the highly selected Interagro Brood-Mare Group. In the 2005/06 season, Ninfeta will be covered by the South American dressage Champion Nirvana Interagro.

Trainer’s opinion: Xamir Interagro is another tall beautiful sport horse type. He is a horse that you may have to remind someone that he is not a young warm blood. He is leggy and can carry a taller rider with ease. He is an easy going horse that has a gentle nature. He is still a bit weaker then some of the other horses in the collection that are smaller. He shows tremendous potential and moments of real brilliance. But like young horses some times he can’t sustain it for long periods. He floats across the ground and is a real pleasure to ride. He is elegant and will be sure to turn heads in the dressage ring. He gives his rider a wonderful feeling in the canter and already shows aptitude for flying changes. His great nature makes him fun to be around. Xamir is very easy to keep focused on his job. He will need a bit more time to grow into himself to realize his full potential but I think a savvy rider will feel it immediately. Xamir is a lovely horse all around and would be well suited for many riders.

Photo by Johnny

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