Breeder & Owner:

Zulu Interagro
Sounds like: Zō lou

DOB: 16/Set/2003
Colour: Black
Height: 1.57m /15.1 ½h
Reg. # 3985 - MN

Sire: Profano Interagro
Dam: Trovoada Interagro

A lovely young black horse with a striking presence. Excellent pedigree and very promising qualities for the equestrian disciplines.

Approved as a Stallion by the ABPSL – Associação Brasileira do Puro Sangue Lusitano.

Sire: Profano Interagro

Dam: Trovoada, by Nicola (MAC) is one the most promising young mares bred at Interagro. She consistently produces black individuals of very high caliber.

Dam’s Interagro Progeny: Assíria (09/19/04), Blackstone (07/17/05) and Carbono (09/05/06) all three black individuals from Nordeste (SS), the black stallion from the Firme(SA)/Quina (CI) line imported from Sociedade das Silveiras in Portugal, and Zulu.

Trainer's Opinion: When you spend time with Zulu you can not help to compare him to a lovely horse named Xagatai Interagro in the 2006 Collection.  Both stallions share the same father and many of the same good qualities. Xagatai Interagro has gone on to be a very successful amateur horse and the love of his new owner’s life.  Zulu has the same wonderful attitude and extremely cute personality.  He loves the people who care for him and will always call to them.  He has lovely gaits that are already showing suspension.  His appearance is beautiful! He seems older than his years and extremely pleased with himself!  He shows little stallion behavior at this time.  He is active and eager to go forward and loves just to be working.  Zulu, because of his laid back attitude does not find it hard to show you his super walk.  He also likes to show off that he has learned a lot and learned it all very fast.  He can easily do a 1st level 4 test and is schooling 2nd with no problem.  He even has a quiet flying change.  Zulu is a special horse who will deserve a super home!

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Zulu Interagro Profano Interagro Legendário do Mirante Novilheiro (MV)
Ulisséia (RC)
Cigana III (MLC) Maravilha (MV)
Odalisca (MMV)
Trovoada Interagro Nicola (MAC) Hábil (MV)
Heroína (MAC)
Nêspera (JPP) Gingão (MV)
Estada (JPP)